Tuesday 2: Pose In Prose

At any given time I’ve got several books going at various points of completion. Chaulk it up to me ‘liking a lot of things’. I’ve got a few in my current rotation of a particular nature that I’d love to share with those of you who are either budding or practiced yogis. So without further ado…

So without further ado…

I never thought I’d buy a single book, nevermind two books about yoga. I believed that yoga was something to imbibe through movement and that reading about it as a practitioner would only hinder my growth and put me too much ‘in my head’. I am glad to have been proven wrong. I’m now in the midst of reading two books that have already deepened my practice on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The Yoga Bible by Christina Brown has allowed me to study the poses that I practice but with more intention with developing proper placement of the body, the gaze and to understand the sequencing and effect. This is particularly important to me, as I practice at home without a live instructor to correct me. Although it must be said, Yoga with Adriene has been a life changer for me and I owe my new dedication to practicing yoga to her and my friend, Maria, who suggested her channel to me in the first place. But now that I have ‘the bible’ I can better put to use Adriene’s prompts and have a better command of my body while within a pose. It’s these little things that help me feel like I am getting somewhere!

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Beyond that, I’ve always wanted to find a particular type of yoga that fits my both my outer and inner needs. Thanks to Pinterest, I’d recently discovered Yin Yoga; which puts emphasis on passive poses that are held for longer periods of time, focusing on the deeper connective tissues. Reading The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark has allowed me to take a peek into this entrancing practice and has piqued my interest unlike any other form of yoga I’ve come across.

Originally part of the Hatha Yoga tradition; Yin Yoga is a combination of Indian Yoga, Chinese Daoist practices, and Western science to strengthen the joints, ligaments and deep fascial networks of the body. Often confused with restorative yoga, it is not. Yin Yoga has significantly different goals than restorative yoga and should be practiced without acute injury.

I’ve particularly, enjoyed opening up my energy channel with the practices of ‘orbits’ and settling into an asana long enough to deepen my awareness – plus, I’ve become infinitely more flexible to boot. (But still,  I have a long way to go until I resemble anything like the limber practitioners you see on IG!)

I hope either (or both) of these books have piqued your interest in delving into some yogi-style reading. Goodness knows, I thought it would be a real bore, to be honest. Not so. While not edge-of-your-seat page-turners, if you are dedicated to growth within your practice and having a better sense of your inner and outer realms, in general, I highly recommend reading both.


Nicole Michelle

PS. Got any yoga reads that you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments below.



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