Friday 5: Weekly Highlights From the Relish Well Corral

Happy Friday! I hope the week has treated you well and if not, that you’re heading towards a much better weekend. In any case, it’s time to take a look at five new (or new to me) buzz-worthy things to know about.

(GIFs as always, are included.)

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Eggs-tra Easy

I don’t like to cook. At all. For me, taking more than 5-minutes to make food is beyond tedious to me. A super hassle with little reward. Therefore eggs are a regular go-to for me. Luckily, I ran across this post on Buzzfeed this week; 17 Egg-Cooking Hacks That Are Borderline Genius. I’ve got some new skills in my scanty lazy-cook arsenal.

If you have any quick and easy food hacks to share, seriously, please share them in the comments. My future nourishment might depend on it!

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Love The Skin You’re In

If there is one skincare brand whose altar I worship at, it would have to be Sunday Riley. Every single product I’ve every tried from that line has been nothing short of phenomenal. When I saw the review below highlighting their newest product to launch next month, I knew my wallet may be in some trouble. I was right, Sunday Riley’s Saturn Sulfur Mask looks like the stuff dreams are made of. (If you dream of facial masks.) I look forward to it kicking my blackheads asses.


Step Away From The Phone!

I’ve yet to do a 100%, day-long digital detox. Plus, I am not sure I can or I want to. I’d wager plenty of you are in the same boat. However, taking some time to detach our fifth appendage on a daily basis isn’t a bad idea. Queue, one of my lasts

Queue, one of my latest apps. It’s called Pops and if the icon doesn’t tickle your fancy enough to encourage you to download it, you apparently don’t have a soft-spot for cartoonish elderly men. But, I digress. This app helps ween you off from your device addiction and amps up your productivity.  

How does Pops work?

Let the adorable Pops know how long you’d like to ‘detox’; (from one to eight hours) and a timer with start slicing your chosen time into manageable chunks and in between these you get a 5-min reprieve to take a look at your phone. You do have the option to press the I’m weak button to override the timer, but it becomes a matter of pride and you’ll most likely find yourself challenging your willpower more often than not. You don’t want to get a scolding from Pops!

Now if Pops it too much of a taskmaster or not enough of one, you can choose from two other ‘coaches’, I go for soft-touch Baba, she goes easy on me. Each gives you their own specialized content topics during breaks, too. (But easily ignored if you have to check your messages or IG activity) For, example hard-hitter Coach Chad gives ‘talks’ on health and fitness. This app is just too cute for words, but also highly effectually.

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More Zzzs, Please

I’ve been sleeping like crap this past week. Despite practicing yoga, defusing sleep-inducing essential oils and generally, having a low-stress week; I’ve been up most nights until 3 am. Not even suffering in a sort of restless repose, but usually doing things like reading, creating templates for work, Netflixing, or cleaning out my makeup bag. I seem to have all this strange excess energy. When I lay down, I am too jittery to stay inactive. I must have some latent anxiety. Not even my usual go-to’s, like meditation and relaxation apps or methods seemed to help.

Last night, I had enough. I remembered my favorite YouTube channel, The School of Life always had good pearls of wisdom to impart on any subject. Plus, it had been a while since I gave it a visit. I am so glad I did. This channel has never let me down. Last night was the first night I got at least 6 hours a sleep in over a week – thank goodness.

Enter Philosophical Meditation. I’ll let the video explain itself. Alain de Botton always narrates so elegantly. We could all use this practice to glean better insight into our own psyche – whether or not you are sleep-deprived.


A Pretty Lit Twitter Chat

Like books? Love reading? Are you part of the Twitter-verse or want to be? Please join me a week from today for the inaugural #LitReadChat on Friday, July 28th at 1 PM (EST). The aim of this weekly chat is to keep the flame of reading and knowledge alive through community discourse, and of course to have fun, make book-buddies and add to our reading lists! The first chat with be dealing with first love(s); book-style. Themes will change weekly and be diverse like any good library should be. Should be ‘lit’.

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Have a happy weekend, y’all! I’ll be indulging in what Jane suggests.⬇️


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Nicole Michelle


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