Monday 1: Tequila, Anyone?

If you are at all on social media, you’ll know that today is #NationalTequilaDay. Now, I am not a big drinker of liquor, being more of a red wine gal, but tequila is the exception. And today, because of some latent physical pain and the general malaise one tends to feel at the beginning of the work week, I feel the need to celebrate this iconic and widely popular spirit.

According to Wikipedia, Tequila is a regionally specific distilled beverage made from the blue agave plant, primarily in the area surrounding the city of Tequila and per U.S law, tequila must contain at least 40% alcohol (80 U.S. proof) to be sold in the United States. So tequila is both delicious and potent. What are the best recipes to enjoy these attributes in full? (Besides the iconic Margarita.) Check out a few of my favorites below.

The Paloma:

It is my dearest wish that everyone experience the yumminess that is the Paloma at least once in their lives. This is a light citrus-infused drink with a touch of sweetness and a total must-have during those languid summer days and nights. 




Blackberry Sage Tequila Smash

Tequila? Check. Blackberries? Please. Recipe created by the roll of Mixology Dice? HELL YES! Who wouldn’t want to try this?


Tequila Sunrise Mimosas

If you subscribe to my all-time-favorite hashtag, #BitchesWhoBrunch; then this recipe is for you and your crew. A twist on this mid-morning classic is a delish game-changer. Brunch just got a whole lot sexier, my friends.




Thirst? Inspired?

Give one of these a whirl today in honor of the holiday. Concoct your own recipe or scout another note-worthy tequila-based discovery and share in the comments below. Don’t let Monday be a reason to stop you; although you might want to wait until after business hours!



Nicole Michelle


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