Tuesday 2: #BitchesWhoBlog Edition

As new to the blogging game as I am, I definitely have some remote working chops that have led me to numerous discoveries as to how I organize my work day, set my flow, and optimizing productivity. These discoveries have crossed-over effortlessly into my blogging lifestyle. So, from here on out, every last Tuesday of the month, I’ll share these finds with you in a work-related series I lovingly call #BitchesWhoBlog. 

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I don’t know about you, but when I am writing content, I am thinking at a rate of a bazillion words per second. Music, particularly with lyrics, tend to be a distraction for me. Call me crazy, or just a purveyor of words that enjoy the genius that belongs to songwriting, I can’t write and actively listen at the same time.

Cue the ambient noise!

I discovered Noisli, thought the magical portal of Netted by the Webbys. If you know not of this valuable portal – I highly recommend you take a ‘mo to visit. Anyhoo, I love me some ambient sounds and a have tried several services over the years. No one does it better that Noisli. Curate your own perfect background sound environment or let Noisli do it for you according to for the vibe you are going for.

Personally, I like cafe sounds for story writing; it feels so very 1920s Parisian chic. For blogging, nothing gets me down to business like some straight-up thunderstorms. And in my poetic moments, the chirp of crickets pulls poignancy out of thin air.

As a bonus, Nosili comes as a Chrome extension which I love for the ease of popping out some ambiance without opening another tab – which is something we all could use less of!


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I am surprised that this incredible gem is not more widely used. If you write in any capacity; text, email, short-form or long-form content; blogs, essays, opinion pieces – Grammarly is like one of those angelic creatures that come down silently, but masterfully to save you from the woe and humiliation of grammatical faux pas.

It too is also available as an extension for Google Chrome. (Don’t y’all love extensions?) The one drawback that I can say about Grammarly is that it doesn’t run in Google Drive – which is freaking annoying because I live and die by the GDrive. However, the problem is easily solved by a quick cut-and-paste action. Nonetheless, I hope that they remedy this extreme oversight in the not-so-distant future.

Despite this one annoyance, I’ve found Grammarly’s secondary function, its motivation aptitude, surprisingly useful. Each Monday, I get a progress report sent to my inbox outlining my productivity, my accuracy, and my vocabulary and how it compares to other Grammarly users. Plus, just recently, the company rolled out achievement awards. After two weeks of consistent use, this week I’ve unlocked the Hemingway Achievement. Whoo-to-the- hoo! This somewhat vanity-centric report keeps me in competition to write more every week because I like to break records, none more than my own.

So if you’re not using Grammarly, I implore you to take the plunge today. Good grammar, it’s the gift the keeps on giving – both to you and others.


Until next time, blog long and prosper bitches.


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Nicole Michelle




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