Wednesday 3: Well(ness) Wishes

One of the most powerful things any of us can do in this life is to spread happiness through acts of kindness. Happiness in its purest form is fleeting. Our emotional landscapes are far too diverse for that kind of uniformity of feeling. I imagine pure happiness as a positive surge that peaks and assuages at varying rates, but never for an extended period of time. That is why kind gestures are so precious, each can spark that sweet, short-lived, sensation of happiness; AKA good vibes. Sending out these ‘good vibes’ is a universal grand gesture that says that you’re an advocate for contributing to your fellow sentient beings present (and possibly future) wellness.

AND that is pretty awesome, because who doesn’t like happiness? 

The following are a few ways to send out these happiness vibes to individuals and the world at large. I’ve broken them down into three categories – because Wednesday is all about the number 3, of course – and it’s my favorite number! I attempted to be wide in scope in regards variety and how each of these gestures is executed; taking in consideration introvert/extrovert personalities, thinker/feeler sensibilities, omnivore/vegetarian/vegan palettes, etc. and time constraints.

I like to think of these acts as giving well(ness) wishes.

How to:

Strangers & Familiar Faces

These acts of kindness are for flat-out strangers to those, sometimes, nameless faces, you see every morning handing you your cup of life-juice *ahem, coffee*. 

  • Hold the door for a stranger
  • Pay for the person behind you in line; coffee, bagel, etc
  • Pay a stranger a compliment
  • Help someone carry and load their shopping bag into their vehicle
  • Give a generous tip to your regular barista
  • Leave the cash amount of your favorite book in between its pages at a bookstore
  • Donate your time/expertise/passion to a cause you believe in
  • Secretly leave cuttings of your favorite plant(s) on your neighbor’s doorstep
  • Help parent struggling with kids and baby gear off the train/subway/bus
  • Post positive messages like this on bulletin boards and the like in your local area
call me

Friends & Loved Ones

This group can often be taken for granted by way of their need for a good-vibes gesture from someone close to their heart. Remind them that you care, they are in your thoughts, and you appreciate their presence in your life.

  • Gift a book that you loved, that you think they’d love too
  • Reconnect with friend via email/text/phone/letter
  • Apologize for past wrongs or misunderstandings
  • Surprise them by doing a chore they dread
  • Send links to stories/articles/products/services that made you think of them
  • Make their favorite meal/food/drink
  • Text them a joke/meme/video to make them smile
  • Place a sticky note somewhere they look often to remind them why they’re special
  • Send a small gift for no reason, I like to use Greetabl – but homemade is great too!
  • Listen with love and your undivided attention

Animals & Planet

Okay, the planet is might not fall under the sentient being category but it certainly does need a serious dose of kindness – stat – and animals, who could forget them?!

Hopefully, you’ll find something on this list that speaks to you that allows you to spread, happiness, good vibes and well(ness) wishes like wildfire.


Nicole Michelle




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