Monday 1: Treat Yourself To A Workplace ‘Pleasure Sandwich’

Happy Monday, Y’all! 

Nothing can be more deflating than looking at your Monday from the bottom-up and with the rest of the week stretched out into infinity.

It’s your general run-of-the-mill #MondayBlues, no? Indeed.



There is a number of articles, books etc. that advise how to face this mundane human issue with excitement if not downright zestiness. They’re infused with all that, gung-ho, up-and-at-’em, rainbows and unicorns style business.

That is not what I’m offering. (At least not today.)

I’m bringing you the realist’s tip on how to slog your way through the week with a modicum of calm and ease in the midst of any work-related everyday-ness, stress or drama. Although, IMO, this tip does go a long way to help increase motivation and productivity.

I introduce to you: The Pleasure Sandwich.


giphy (1)


I know. Its name seems to reference something that shouldn’t be done inside the workplace. It’s a work-in-progress title.

The Pleasure Sandwich is easy a practice and has been done the world over, without the aforementioned cheeky title. Ultimately, it is a rewards system of your own design. You simply sandwich a work task (the meat) within two mini-pleasure slices (those glorious, yummy carbs).

If you are anything like me I ‘block’ out my time each day with tasks/projects/etc that I need/want/hope complete. It can be overwhelming to take in the amount of work in the week ahead. Pleasure sandwiches can make all the difference!

For example, in the morning before you sit down to have at it, you may: meditate, get that cup of coffee, jog, scroll through social media/the news, shoot-the-breeze with co-workers, you know, your pre-work ritual whatever it might be. (Hopefully, there is something pleasurable in your ritual, if not, change that STAT.) This is the first pleasure ‘slice’.

Now, it’s time to get down to business, brass-tacks, the meat.

So, you at the work helm and just completed the first task/goal of the day. What do you do? Finishing making that sandwich! 

Allocated 5/10/15 minutes of time; proportionate to the length of time worked and the particular freedoms you have at your place of business to something that gives your pleasure Text a loved one, send a funny GIF to coworker, jam out to your fave song, read an article you’ve been meaning to get to, take a walk, practice desk yoga, get that next caffeine infusion – whatever you fancy. 


giphy (2)


Just make sure that before you begin your work that you have the second ‘slice’ of your pleasure sandwich decided upon. Make it something you will look forward to. Doing so will keep you goal-oriented and on-task.

Congrats, you finished your sandwich! But don’t stop there, you’re hungry for more rewards, no? You can make an endless amount of sandwiches throughout the day. This idea is similar to indulging in mini-breaks between tasks, which I also promote, but sometimes breaks can be nebulous enough to feel like you are just catching your breath and not finding small moments of pleasure that will help encourage you onward.


giphy (3)


I like rewards, and I would wager you do too. So if this tip resonates with you at all, give it a go and let me know how it rolls.


Nicole Michelle



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