Tuesday 2: Essentials When Sick In Bed

Today’s post is inspired by my current condition; sick in bed. (I am kinda a connoisseur.) When my health takes a nosedive, I am readily equipped with my must-haves for both wellness and comfort. So while I am assured you know the basics; meds, tissues, water, lozenges, and what-not. I’ll share how I level-up to get well quicker and with more ease during convalescence. 


Ice and Heat: I don’t know about you but if I’m any pain, but especially if I am in the throes of a mighty headache, I want both ice and heat. Often, when at my wits-end I end up putting a heating pad on the back of my head and an ice-bag over my forehead and eyes. This works in aiding you to sleep when what you need most of all is to pass the f*ck out.

My 💛: This cute ice-bag and this king-sized heating pad.

Oolong Tea: I am of course a bit bias as oolong is my favorite tea, but aside from being delicious it has many health benefits, including giving you immune system a boost.

My 💛: Organic Oolong Qilan and Ti Kuan Yin.


giphy (5)
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Essential Oil(s): I can not recommend enough the benefits of using a diffuser when unwell. I use eucalyptus when suffering from congestion and lavender as a sleep aid when I am so uncomfortable I cannot fall asleep easily.

My 💛:  A kick-ass diffuser and quality essential oils.

Neck Pillow: A recent discovery of mine for the sick bed. Unpack your travel neck-pillow (or buy an extra) and make it a permanent part of your sick day cache. Works for more than neck pain. I use it to keep my head slightly elevated for ease of breathing, as a booster sore limbs/joints and a gentle aid in keeping my head up just enough if I am Netflixing whilst on the mend.

My 💛:  This funny one or this more sedate version.


giphy (6).gif
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Alrighty then, I’m signing off to pass out for a few hours and hopefully awaken headache-free!

Wishing you all the best of health. 


Nicole Michelle




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